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A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Kaur, Jagmeet

Assistant Professor in Commerce, Guru Nanak College, Sri Muktsar Sahib


In the present times Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a major role in banking and other sectors in achieving their objectives. In India the companies are adopting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices at a very fast rate due to their ethical standards as well as due to the requirements of the law. The companies are aware about their critical role in the society. The banking sector is no exception in this context. They are also adopting Corporate Social Responsibility practices. The public as well as private sector banks have already initiated many social and economic welfare programs which includes community welfare, education, environment protection, poverty eradication, health and medical care, rural area development etc. In the present study the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of banks has been studied. For this purpose, one bank from public and one from private sector has been selected. The public sector bank chosen for the study is State Bank of India and HDFC Bank has been selected from the private sector banks. The study analyzed and compared the total expenditure incurred by the banks on various Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The study found that both the banks have increased their spending on corporate social responsibility activities.


Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Banking sector, Public and Private Sector Banks


Impact Statement

In the present times, Corporate Social Responsibility is of utmost importance for every organization. This paper was undertaken to study the trend of corporate social responsibility expenditure of selected public and private sector banks in India. The trend of spendings was analyzed with the help of financial tools, graphs and charts. Further, this research work assists in comparison of public and private sector banks and their sensitivity towards the society. This study helps us in evaluating the performance of public and private sector banks in terms of their Corporate social Responsibility.

About Author

Dr. Jagmeet Kaur is an Assistant Professor in the Post-Graduate Department of Commerce, Guru Nanak College, Sri Muktsar Sahib. She has 14 years teaching experience of under graduate and post graduate classes. She specializes in Finance and Banking. She has published 13 research papers in Peer-reviewed and UGC-Care List Journals of National and International repute. Also, she has presented research papers in 34 international and national seminars and conferences. She is a lifetime member of Indian Accounting Association. She has acted as a resource person in national conferences as well.




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