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Hydrogen fuel as Renewable energy source for Hybrid motorized vehicle

Ishant Dubey
STEM Education Facilitator, Founder and CEO Antariksha India


Hybrid Powered Bike with Energy Saver is a hybrid bike concept where bike will be run based on of water and battery powered. The oxygen and hydrogen gases generated through electrolysis will be used to power the bike piston engine. Another option is to use electric motor to power the bike. The proposed solution emphasizes on the use of environment friendly fuel. Implementing this system will enable us to reduce the cost of fuel and also make it less polluting. Impact:
● It will help us to overcome from the uses of Non-Renewable energy sources as they are
● It will help us to overcome the pollution problem up to certain level.
● It will save our money as well the time.

Keywords: Electrolysis of water, fuel cell, SI engine, Electric drive, Injector.

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