International Council for Education, Research and Training

The Need for a gender-responsive approach to technology design and development to ensure that new technologies do not reproduce or exacerbate existing gender inequalities

Sanghani Ashutosh Kishorbhai
B.Ed. (S.Y), District Institute of Education & Training, Amreli


The role of technology in promoting gender equality has gained significant attention in recent years. Technological innovations have the potential to create new opportunities for women and girls, bridge gender gaps in education and employment, and improve access to healthcare and other essential services. However, there are also concerns that technology may exacerbate existing gender inequalities, particularly in the digital divide and online harassment. This research paper explores the ways in which technology and innovation can be leveraged to promote gender equality and mitigate potential risks. It reviews the current state of the digital divide, online harassment, and the representation of women in technology, and identifies strategies and initiatives that are being implemented to promote gender equality in the digital age

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