International Council for Education, Research and Training

Prof. Dr. M. Amr Sadik | Page No. 21-27

If you are working in Learning and Development function and looking at the needs of your organization for current and future, it is important to analyse and understand what need to be done to achieve certain goals. That is correct.   The widespread goal is to make a transition from a certain specific state of knowledge, or lack thereof, and skills among a specific group of people to a state that is defined as superior, improved and more useful in the context of achieving some pre-defined goals. Therefore, a training activity in the life of an organization means that there is a striving to achieve a different—and, by definition, better—and desirable state of its operation. Not all the training programs will suit all employee and business needs. Therefore, how do you know what is needed, and how to address those needs, and how do you create a bridge from the current skills and knowledge of staff to the expected skill set? Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the answer…..Read More

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