International Council for Education, Research and Training

Nadia Mohammad Ali | Page No. 44-48

Coaching is a personalized and goal-oriented approach to human development, where a coach helps individuals or teams enhance their skills, performance, and overall well-being. It involves active listening, asking powerful questions, and providing guidance to facilitate self-discovery and growth. Coaching can be applied in various contexts, including professional, personal, and sports settings, aiming to unlock potential and achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching typically involves a structured process, focusing on specific skills and goals, while mentoring is more relationship-based, providing guidance and support based on the mentor’s experience. Coaching often has a short-term, task-oriented approach, whereas mentoring tends to be long-term, nurturing overall professional development.

Coaching and mentoring are both valuable approaches to developing skills and knowledge, but they differ in their focus and approach….Read More

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