International Council for Education, Research and Training

Dr. Sandeep Kumar | Page No. 77-80

Self-exploration and leading a life of purpose, or making an enduring commitment to contributing to the diverse world in personally a meaningful way, is associated with numerous benefits that includes psychological well-being, high academic achievement, enriched social connections, etc. Despite these advantages, leading a life of purpose is rare. In today’s hustle and bustle of life, we may drive ourself out of control, feel irritation, frustration and behave like a victim or try to force a certain outcome. All these are all self-destructive behaviour that alienate others and bad things to happen. Engaging in a process of self-exploration, and navigating the potentially distressing process of searching for a purpose in life are often not practiced. By unlocking deep self-understanding, we delve into the delicate balance between empathy, self-assurance, and spiritual guidance, which reshape our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. It ultimately cultivates the patience. Patience is not waiting for something or nothing, not a passive resignation; it’s a potent form of strength rooted in neuroscience…..Read More

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