International Council for Education, Research and Training

Twinkle Rastogi, Madhavi Tomar, Tanu Singh, Dr. Kajal Thakuriya| Page No. 49-56

This chapter undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the symbiotic relationship between textiles and healthcare in the context of India, a country renowned for its rich textile heritage. It navigates through historical precedents, the current scenario, challenges faced by the industry, opportunities for growth, and anticipates future trends and innovations. The historical overview accentuates the intrinsic role of traditional Indian fabrics, such as khadi and muslin, in healthcare settings. Transitioning to the present, the chapter investigates the evolving landscape of healthcare textiles in India, focusing on crucial aspects like medical apparel, hospital bed linens, and advanced wound care products. Challenges in the healthcare textile sector, notably pertaining to quality standards, certifications, and cost-effective production, are dissected. Simultaneously, opportunities for growth are explored, emphasizing the significance of research and development, and the potential for global market expansion. Peering into the future, the chapter unveils emerging trends such as smart textiles with monitoring capabilities and the adoption of sustainable practices. The narrative concludes by summarizing key takeaways, signalling optimism for the trajectory of the Indian healthcare textile industry, positioning it as a key player on the global stage…..Read More

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