International Council for Education, Research and Training

DR. RAM TIWARI | Page No. 68-76

Science and technological progress make it possible to ensure a life of plenty on earth, to create the material conditions for the flourishing of mankind. Yet these very products of man’s brain and hand are being turned against him due to selfish class-inspired ambitions and in pursuit of enrichment by the capitalist world’s ruling elite. Naturally, science and technology by themselves do not threaten peace. The threat comes from international reaction, and notably, US imperialism, using scientific and technological advances for aggressive ends.

Environment is defined as the aggregate of all external conditions and influences that affect the life and development of organisms. Fortunately, the responsible world is aware of the effects of environment on survival of life on the planet. There is focussed attention on major environmental issues. When localised, the issues are those that affect the territorial integrity or political stability of a nation such as disputes over scarce water resources, or rehabilitation of hapless refugees fleeing a degraded environment in search of a better life. National governments have to see the global impact of environment while managing environmental security……Read More

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