International Council for Education, Research and Training


Contemporary Global Challenges & Opportunities in Education, Languages, Science and Humanities, Published on January 15, 2023
Emerging Trends & Challenges in Humanities, Education, Science and Social Sciences, Published on March 25, 2023
Contemporary Trends and Developments in Management, Education, Science, and Social Sciences, Published on June 03, 2023
Changing Global Dynamics in Law, Social Science, Science and Engineering, Published on Sep 13, 2023
Recent Transformation in Social Sciences, Management, Science and Engineering, Published on Sep 29, 2023
Contemporary Trends in the field of Defence, Education, Resources, Research and Management: Opportunities and Challenges, Published on Nov 25, 2023
Global Dynamics in Management, Health, Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering, Published on Dec 17, 2023
Recent Advancements in Education, Research, Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, Published on January 12, 2024
“Recent Advances in Science & Engineering, Humanities, and Social Sciences Towards Sustainability”
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