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Life After Death and the Paranormal World

Bawa, Simmin1

1Head of Department, Philosophy and Assistant Professor, Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Sukhani, Teesha2, Shah, Krisha3, Rangnekar, Samruddhi4

1,2,3,4TYBA student Philosophy-Psychology, Jai Hind College, Mumbai


This research paper explores the question of whether life after death and the paranormal world exists or if it is just a string of false beliefs. Life after death and paranormal activities have a wide area of discussion in India wherein, we focus on the existence of different realms, the interaction between these realms, the process of channeling, and various perspectives regarding the idea of “ghosts”, “spirits” and “entities”. We aim to logically deconstruct the phenomenon of paranormal activities and delve deeper into the concepts of soul, spirits, good and bad energies, and how they travel through this dimension to the other after death. The role of human beings in these occurrences is also substantially discussed in the context of the energies we emit and attract. These energies and actions that we give out in the world and perform throughout our lives also pave the way to the kind of vibrational frequency we would turn out to be in another dimension and also focus on the deeds and unfulfilled wishes of this lifetime which entraps our spirits in this world refraining it from starting a new life. This paper takes us through the experience and encounters of people who have become mediums to bridge the gap between different worlds, how these abilities can be of use, and what effects it has on them. It attempts to give an insight into all the inexplicable phenomena and the ravenous beliefs that surround the topic. It aims at unraveling the mystery around the question of whether the paranormal world and life after death are concepts that can be logically accepted or are just a set of deep-seated fears that emerge in the form of beliefs and experiences.

Keywords: Mediums, Psychics, Channeling, Inexplicable Experiences, Different Dimensions, Past Life, Other Realms, Energies, Life After Death, Spirits, Paranormal World

Impact Statement


The impact of this research paper on the existence of life after death and the paranormal world is significant, affecting both academic and societal realms. With existing literature on this subject being limited, our investigation marks a pioneering effort to challenge established views by combining philosophical, psychological, and cultural perspectives, laying the foundation for future research methods. The study also improves public understanding and perception by clarifying paranormal occurrences, reducing fear, and dispelling misconceptions spread by the media and folklore. By educating the public, individuals are empowered to approach such situations objectively and critically. Given the cultural relevance of these beliefs in India, the study promotes a more nuanced and respectful view of traditions. The social implications include influencing public discourse toward more informed and logical discussions of the supernatural. Ultimately, our research aims to solve the enigma of life after death and the paranormal, paving the way for more informed and evidence-based conversations on these profound topics.


About Author/s

Ms. Simmin Bawa is the Head of the Department of Philosophy at Jai Hind College. Prof. Bawa has made important contributions to the discipline due to her strong interest in applying ancient philosophical principles to current living. Her study involves a thorough examination of the Kamasutra, with an emphasis on the sensuous and sexual lives of individuals during the Grihastha ashrama, as well as the text’s insights about women’s financial independence. She has also written on Gandhian ideas in ethical entrepreneurship, which emphasize truth and nonviolence in corporate processes. Miss Bawa also explores the significance of meditation in education from a Krishnamurti standpoint, highlighting its effect on emotional well-being. Her multidisciplinary approach bridges the gap between ancient philosophy and current practical applications, encouraging overall well-being and ethical living.


Teesha Sukhani has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, specializing in Philosophy and Psychology. Her everlasting fascination in the metaphysical realm and the mysteries of the paranormal has motivated her academic pursuits and personal interests. Teesha addresses the study of the otherworldly with a fresh perspective, acknowledging the limitations of human understanding and the existing scope of scientific evidence. She is committed to seeking practical and scientific answers for events that are outside the normal understanding of science, with the goal of bridging the gap between the empirical world and philosophical inquiry. Her study attempts to explore the fundamental causes of paranormal encounters and contribute to a better understanding of these mysterious elements of human existence.


Krisha Shah has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, specializing in Psychology and Philosophy. Her curiosity to learn and explore motivates her academic pursuits. Krisha picks up the minutest details that makes her research even better. She shows great enthusiasm to learn about topics which are yet to be explored. She dwells hard to understand the details and her openness to gain knowledge keeps her motivated throughout. She stays dedicated to learning about “what lies next?” Her interest in such questions pulls her towards the metaphysical and the paranormal world. Her study attempts to understand some underlying aspects of life after death, a purported existence in which the essential part of an individual’s stream of consciousness or identity continues to exist after the death of their physical body and some unsolved mysteries to the astral world as well as paranormal encounters.

Samruddhi Rangnekar is a graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Philosophy. With a profound interest in metaphysical inquiries and existential questions, she explores the realms of life after death and the paranormal world in her research paper. Her philosophical background enables her to delve into these topics deeply, offering unique insights into the mysteries of existence beyond the physical realm. She aims to expand on knowledge which is less known and raise important questions that lead to a systematic enquiry.



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