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Evacuation Of Nationals Of West Africa Origin In Diaspora In Response To Covid-19 Pandemic In Europe: Insights From Social Studies Education

Muhammad, Sule

Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education

Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria


The study examined the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Socio-economic activities of people of West Africa State. One research question guided the study. The research design was the exploratory. The Instrument used in data collection was Qualitative. Funnel Shape procedures used in reviewing Literature. Convince sampling technique was used in data collection, data have been collected based on exhaustive consultation of many journals and online records. The published data from ACAPS (2020) was analysed to determine the Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic on Socio-Economic Activities of the People of West Africans’ States. The study indicated that over 21 million people were socially and economically implicated as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic in West African. The finding reveals that 68.8 million people were socio-economically affected. The findings of the study concluded that, the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected almost all areas of human life both socially, economically and politically in West African States at large. The vulnerable people become desperate and destitute in the society. The Pandemic affected both household and children education in the states. Since this Pandemic was spreads all over the world, the situation and normal activities of the people were yet to be normal. The finding of the study has recommended that, West African States governments should initiate useful programme that will help the business owners and needy people by given them loan and grant to revive their business activities. School academic calendar need to be adjusted so as to bridge the gap of education in the African states.

Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, West Africa, Social Studies Education, Socio-economic Implications

Impact Statement

This article could be important to the people of West-Africa to identify the challenges and implications of Covid-19 Pandemic on socio-economic activities of the people of West-African states and also to find out the solutions against future occurrences of the pandemic. The finding of the article will be great significant to the government of West-African states in resolving the social and economic challenges faces the entire society about the pandemic. So also it could be great significant in enlightening the public and private sectors over the implications of the pandemic and providing the solutions against future occurrences of the pandemic. The finding of this article serves as great significant for further research work on the global issue of the Pandemic. Finally, the article provides additional literature that could enrich the existing literatures in the global issue of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Authors’ Profile

Sule MUHAMMAD was born on 21st February, 1987. Having M. Ed Social Studies Education (in view) at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, B. Ed Social Studies Education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (2013), and Nigeria Certificate in Education (N.C.E.) Social Studies & Islamic Studies at Zamfara State College of Education Maru (2006), Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies at Usmanu Danfodiyo University consultancy services Sokoto (2009), SSCE at Sambo Secondary school Gusau (2003) and Primary Certificate at Tudun Wada model primary school Gusau (1997) married 2017. I am now an assistant lecturer Department of Educational Foundations, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria. I am also a course facilitator teaching B. Ed Social Studies at National Teachers Institute Kaduna, Gusau centre, Zamfara state, Nigeria. Having some publications; articles, conferences, and Workshops.  

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