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Kaur, Harjinder

Assistant Professor, Khalsa College of Education Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab



The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in India emphasizes skill enhancement through vocational education to bridge the gap between traditional education and the modern workforce. The policy aims to make vocational education an integral part of the mainstream education system, embracing a more hands-on, experiential form of knowledge acquisition. This research examines the core aspects of the NEP 2020, focusing on the enhancement of skills through vocational education. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the transformative potential of vocational education under the NEP 2020, explores challenges during implementation, and suggests viable solutions. This research serves as a practical roadmap for policymakers, educators, and stakeholders involved in reshaping India’s educational landscape.

Keywords: National Education Policy, Vocational Education, Challenges, Implementation, Solutions.

Impact Statement

The research paper on “Skill Enhancement through Vocational Education under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020” aims to transform India’s educational landscape by addressing policy evaluation, skill gap identification, teaching methodologies, infrastructure investment, industry collaboration, and public perception. It guides policymakers in refining strategies and empowers educators to enhance teaching methods and infrastructure. The paper serves as a practical roadmap for implementing NEP 2020, fostering skill development, and empowering individuals and communities for a brighter educational future in India.


About Author

Dr. Harjinder Kaur is an Assistant Professor at Khalsa College of Education Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar (Punjab) with a diverse educational background, including a Master’s degree in Hindi, History and Education, a Ph.D. and UGC Net in Education. She has taught B.Ed. , M.Ed. classes. She has also published articles, research papers in UGC Care journals, and delivered guest lectures in many institutions. She has also presented paper at conferences and seminars, and has developed e-learning delivery. Dr. Kaur has also participated in various programs and workshops, including the Faculty Induction Programme, Refresher Courses.







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