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Competency Building

All of us do not have equal talent…but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents. 

-APJ Abdul Kalam.

It is right to say that all of us are born with different talents and abilities. But we do not have equal opportunity to develop our talents. We can improve upon those talents through hard work and dedication. Smart work or working smartly is not a substitute of Hard Work. This generation needs to develop competencies to integrate smartness in their hard work. 

Globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key driving forces of our current times, and they will continue to shape our future. New paradigms in Industrial Revolution and digital transformations are posing new challenges on 21st century generation, with this providing new opportunities to the learners. Adapting to the rapid changes is the most essential competency needed to bloom in this era. This generation must be equipped with novel package of skills, called 21st-Century skills, and traditional education should be revised for preparing future professionals ready to enter Industry 4.0, and managing digital technologies, and also adapting to the rapid change in demand. 

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Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Learner’s Outcomes

Team ICERT is working to equip this generation and also the transforming generation on various frameworks of 21st century skills to build their competencies. We ae conducting trainings and other programs on vocational education, entrepreneurship development programs, awareness programs on MSMEs and capacity building programs for youth and educators. Some programs as by team ICERT only whereas some programs are joint venture with educational institution, NGOs, Industries and other professional institutions as partnership for achieving the sustainable development goals.

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