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Education and Research

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela.

This beautiful quote rightly reflects the importance of Human Resource Development as human resource development underpins the development of effective educational systems that derive change in society. Education empowers the human beings, and have great role to improve their quality of life both economically and socially. Education is a single tool that can bring change in society without creating any repercussions. Considering education as a powerful tool sustainable development goals education as one of its pillars. UN SDG4 put a lot of emphasis on quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning. At present the global situation of education shows a lot of crises including school and higher education, especially the pandemic crisis brought education systems across the world to a halt. To overcome these crises and promoting lifelong learning, it is must needed that the human resource must be empowered. 

Research is a valuable tool that investigates and uncovers the unknown. It not only highlights the problems and concerns in different domains but also support and justify actions and show the way to developing solution for the welfare of society. There a lot of problems and concerns related to research in various domains, the major concern is lack of community involvement in developing research projects. The research projects are confined to the boundary walls of the institutions. One or more experts may take too much control of the project. The community then loses ownership of the project. Without feeling ownership, the community may not support the project and it fails, it happens especially with the social and education research projects. The problem is not research or researchers. The problem is the conduct of research and who benefits from research. Less availability of research funding, unethical research practices, lack of research consultants, and dearth of quality research trainings are other major issues with research community. Novice researcher are lacking in expertise, confidence in conducting research, problems finding relevant literature and sample, analysing data and reporting properly, not only this research scholars also face lots of challenges in research ethics, statistics, and publication. Team conducts the programs to empower the research community time to time and also provide an authentic platform for research publication without any fee.

Education and Research are powerful tool which not only empower the community economically and socially but also support in improvement and development. Team ICERT in partnership with different institutions, funding agencies, corporate sectors, and government departments is working SDG 4, 8 and 17 targets, access of free and quality school, higher, technical. skills and vocational education trainings, promoting and training youth on entrepreneurship for sustainable economic growths, and partnership with different agencies. 

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