International Council for Education, Research and Training

“Youth Entrepreneurship”

Dr. Srividya Muthuvel
Trained Graduate Teacher – Mansukhbhai Kothari National School, Pune

In a world ever in flux, youth entrepreneurship stands as a beacon of innovation and hope. This research paper, bereft of references but rich in artistic exploration, embarks on a 3000-word odyssey to delve into the fascinating realm of youth entrepreneurship. Like painters on a blank canvas, young entrepreneurs create strokes of economic and social change, contributing to the tapestry of our global landscape. Youth entrepreneurship, a dynamic and transformative force, has emerged as a vital component of contemporary socio-economic landscapes. This abstract encapsulates the essence of youth entrepreneurship within a concise 300-word canvas, highlighting its significance, challenges, and potential for societal change. In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and shifting economic paradigms, the role of youth in entrepreneurship has garnered unprecedented attention. Youth entrepreneurship refers to the engagement of young individuals, typically aged between 18 and 35, in the creation and management of innovative businesses. This phenomenon is not merely an economic endeavour but a multifaceted art form with profound implications for both individuals and society at large…… click here

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